Technologically advanced Volu-Firm Restoring Complex offers a natural alternative to lipofilling for the reduction of nasolabial folds, deep lines and wrinkles.  Infused with a potent concentration of Neodermyl®, a new source of bio-renewable energy for skin cells, this remarkable active shows the same efficacy in 2 weeks as a needled injection of collagen - a 15% wrinkle depth reduction. This transformational serum enhances a youthful appearance, reactivating aged fibroblasts’ and collagen synthesis. Voluform™ enhances the potency by targeting established wrinkles and restoring volume in the cheeks. Juvinity™ delays metabolic and nucleus deterioration with aging skin and encourages aging cells to act as young cells. 


Skin Type: Mature & Premature Aging skin




  • Dispense 2 - 3 drops to clean skin prior to application of moisturizer.  Can be layered over additinal serums for enhanced results or treat other skin concerns. Use daily.

  • •    Neodermyl® The “needle-free” collagen and elastin filler.  
    •    Voluform™ “Volufirming” technology targets cells that guarantee volume and firmness.  Uses proteasome to stimulate cell detoxification. Facial volume is redefined and elasticity is increased after 2 months of treatment. Deep and moderate wrinkles are filled, after 1 1/2 months of treatment.  
    •    Juvinity™- Reduces oxidative stress (production of intracellular peroxides reduced by 85%) and limits telomere (DNA) shortening to   ensure optimal replication as a young cell. 
    •    In a clinical study following one month of treatment, the main wrinkle depth was decreased by 26.5%.  Following two months of treatment, 80% of participants consider their skin less creased and much firmer. 

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