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Cleansing Solutions

From luxuriously creamy to mildly foaming, each UniquEssentials cleanser is formulated to address the unique needs of a variety of skin types. Fortified with natural sourced emollients and botanicals, skin will feel clean without the loss nutrients vital to a healthy appearance. Plant derived humectants such as Organic Aloe Vera and Berry Oils pamper and revitalize resulting in a spectacular appearance.

Sulfate Free skin care, Natural skin care, anti-aging, brightening, pigmentation
Made in Canada, natural skin care, Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Durham Ontario
Paraben free skin care, natural skin care
Cruelty Free, not tested on animals, eco friendly skin care

Age-Smart Cleansing Solutions

UniquEssentials skin care has been created to deliver you the most advanced ingredients; combining Peptides, Nature and Science to accomplish extensive Age-Smart Solutions.  UniquEssentials delivers a multi-layer fortification to the skin. These highly concentrated formulas contain actives which support healthy skin development and offer substantial improvement to the skins appearance and function.

UniquEssentials is a skin care collection of advanced cellular repair skincare products that embody the highest standards of purity. Our products target skin on a molecular level, speeding up healthy cell renewal. Our formulations are clinically tested to ensure results such as: significant wrinkle depth reduction; improvement in elasticity; enhanced collagen production; superior pigment and sebum balancing properties and smoothing and desensitizing of irritated skin.  We have brought to you the ultimate solutions for correcting a variety of skin ailments.


UniquEssentials are Paraben free, cruelty free, derived from Nature and small-batch for purity. None of our products contain animal based ingredients and we employ a cruelty free — eco responsible manufacturing policy and proud to be Canadian made.

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