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Holistic & Corrective Therapies

Discover the difference chemical free, natural skin care can make to your skin, life and well-being. Visit any of our skin treatment pages for our service list. First time guest are encouraged to experience a Customized Discovery Facial.

Our commitment to quality extends from our studio to your home. As a part of this commitment, we proudly offer Skin Diva's very own skin care brand "UniquEssentials" Age-Smart skin solutions.

UniquEssentials skin care has been created to deliver you the most advanced ingredients; combining Peptides, Nature and Science to accomplish an extensive Age-Smart collection.


UniquEssentials delivers a multi-layer fortification to the skin. These highly concentrated formulas contain actives which support healthy skin development and offer substantial improvement to the skins appearance and function.

You're Unique... your skin care should be too...


UniquEssentials Age-Smart Skin Care Solutions I Skin Diva Studio I Online Shopping I Bowmanville, ON
Eyelash tinting and Brow Laminaton I Skin Diva Studio I Clarington, ON

At Skin Diva studio we take pride in all our services including waxing, by only offering quality professional hair removal products and equipment. Our facial waxing is done with care and the use of hard wax. Hard wax differs to traditional soft wax by: 

  • Causing less irritation,redness and pulling on the skin compared to other strip wax options.

  • Hard wax is strategically placed and dries so there is no chance of hair removal in unwanted areas 

  • Removes all hair of varying lengths and thickness 

  • Prevents and reduces the amount of ingrown hairs

  • Leaves skin smoother after wax compared to other options

  • Hair grows back slower and results last longer.

  • Hard wax is heated at a lower temperature resulting in a safer waxing technique 

To view a complete list of our waxing services and prices click here

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Skin Diva studio offers a large selection of skin care solutions. Everything from intuitive skin consultations to holistic skin therapies to corrective treatments. We also offer advanced services such as Microneedling, Vascular blemish elimination and LED light therapy. All our treatments are completely personalized, results driven, holistic in nature and unique to you.

You're unique...your skin care should be too 


Skin Diva Studio offers holistic and natural pedicure services only. All pedicures include a detoxifying soak, complete nail and cuticle care, hot towel service, massage and polish application.  We use only the highest quality professional natural and organic products in all treatments. Our pedicures are professional full treatment services. We do not cut corners and are fully inspected by Durham Region Health and Safety board For a complete list of pedicure services click here

Pedicures I Skin Diva Studio I Bowmanville ON

Are you tired of penciling in your eyebrows? Does make-up just seem to messy or doesn't last? Contemplating Microblading but it's just a little to risky, permanent or expensive?  Lash Extensions just too much of a commitment? We have answers to all your lash and brow concerns, that are beautiful without any risk and cost effective. 

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