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Spa near me I Skin Diva Studio I Clarington ON

Uniquely Created 

divinely executed 

Your skin health journey successfully starts with a whole health, mind, body approach. Our signature therapies have been uniquely created to align with your whole mind body rejuvenation, relaxation and harmony.  Every treatment encompasses our very own UniquEssentials skin care solutions, customized for your skin type.

Our UniquEssentials skin care solutions were developed with care, eco friendliness and sustainability in mind.  UniquEssentials avoid harmful chemicals, abrasive ingredients, are naturally sourced, plant based, Paraben, fragrance and cruelty FREE. We proudly support our economy as our products are manufactured and packaged in British Columbia, Canada. 


Treatments at Skin Diva Studio are luxury, results driven and natural. You're Unique... Your skin care should be too

Signature Therapies 
Custom Facials I Skin Diva Studio I Day Spa in Bowmanville ON

1 hour treatment
& 30 min skin consultation
I $149

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The "Uniquely You ~ Discovery" facial

Designed for the first time client

For first time facial clients: When starting out in your skin health journey, it's very important to have a clear understanding of your skin's condition, needs and overall health. Without this clear understanding you may receive undesirable treatment results. Our "Uniquely You ~ Discovery" facial is designed for the first time client in mind. Our time together will consist of a complete health history discussion, a pendulum intuitive reading (completed prior to your appointment time ~ this is not mandatory if you prefer not to receive), a physical skin examination, a deeper look into the layers of your skin using a Woods Lamp, a question answer session and more. Once we're ready, I'll design and perform a completely customized facial treatment for you, using only our very own Skin Diva UniquEssential Age-Smart skin care solutions. Your customized time will also consist of a follow up treatment plan and home care recommendations (purchase of skin care products is not required). This treatment is uniquely designed for you and your skin health journey!  

You're Unique... your skin care should be too

Our "Uniquely You" facial will always incorporate the basic elements of a full facial treatment which includes; a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, eye, facial and decollete massage, treatment mask and hand treatment with a finishing moisture ritual.  Your unique skin constitution will guide us to the perfect combination of UniquEssentials skin solutions to incorporate, to fully address your needs.   

Signature Sculpting Facial I Gua Sha I Facial Cupping I Skin Diva Studio I Day Spa in Clarington ON

Creating Magic
2.5 hours I $199

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Creating Magic! Sculpting Facial

Relaxation I Sculpting I Collagen Production I Healing I Head to Toe Pampering I Harmony

It wouldn't be a DIVA treatment if we didn't take things to the next level! Creating a complete treatment that does not compare!! Time with yourself that will create a complete state of harmony, bliss and alignment. Whole face magic will happen while incorporating all the "Uniquely You" facial components with a wonderful array of head to toe relaxation. Our "Creating Magic" facial is loaded with facial sculpting modalities including Kansa wand massage and LED light therapy with an additional choice of Cupping or Gua Sha, including a hydrating foot massage, hot towel treatment and more  This magical treatment is designed for serious facial sculpting, lymphatic drainage, collagen production, healing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while releasing stagnant fascia and more. This is the holy grail in facials and I'm here to offer this too you. This DIVA service is pure magic, completely taking facials to the next level!  Descriptions of the above modalities can be found on our "ala carte" menu.

Relaxation Treatments I Spa Gift I Gift Certicates I Scalp and Foot Massage Bowmaville

Signature Relaxation Treatment
1 hour I $99

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Signature Relaxation Treatment

Relaxation I Head to Toe Pampering

This DIVA treatment includes a wonderful 'sample pack' of head to toe relaxation. Beginning with a hydrating and repairing leave-in hair treatment and scalp massage, followed by a Mini Rejuvenating facial while resting in your treatment facial mask receive a luxurious hand and foot massage all performed with hot towel service to aid in your relaxation. This DIVA service is pure relaxation suitable for anyone who wants relaxation and pampering. Perfect for gift giving!

Back Facial I Skin Diva Studio I Day Spa near me I Clarington ON

Align & Shine Back Facial

Relax I Exfoliate I Hydrate

Facials are wonderful for the face, but have you ever considered having a facial on your back?
Treat that hard to reach area, nothing compares! Treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if you need them), massage, mask and hydration. An amazing addition to any facial or on it's own. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

45 mins I $90

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Discovery Skin Consultations

Holistic Skin Consultations I Skin Diva Studio I Clarington ON

Virtual Whole Health Skin Consultation

90-120 mins I $135

Whole Health Skin Attunement Consultation 

Intuitive in Nature I Discover Root Cause of Skin Ailments I
Examine your full Skin Story I Product and Treatment Recommendations based on our findings I Completely Virtual

Discovering your whole health story and how it effects your skin can be the greatest gift you give yourself. With the guidance from our higher selves, intuition and additional modalities I dive deep into the mental, emotional and physical components of the, why and how of your skin story. I'll examine all aspects of your well being to discover the root causes of your skin concerns and build a personalized program that is suited only for you!

If you are committed to discovering how your overall health is contributing to the health of your largest organ and the root cause of what's manifesting on the surface, let's begin this journey together. 

Steps to your virtual Attunement Consultation:
1. Complete the Whole Health Skin Attunement questionnaire

2. Attach a photo

3. Book a 10 mins phone call, where I explain my process to you

4. I work independently to collect my findings then put all recommendations and resources together for you in hard copy. We can discuss the findings in more detail if needed, at your first facial appointment.
Please note: It isn't required to book follow up appointments or purchase products. My findings are based on your higher self's recommendations and it's at your discretion if you choose to continue your whole health journey with me. 

Image by Haley Owens

Product Discovery


Product Discovery Consultation

Explore your skin care ritual I Discover your best routine I Examine Treatment Recommendations I Completely Virtual

Have you ever wondered if you're using the correct products, receiving the best facial treatments? Is there a better product solution for you? A product discovery consultation is the most accurate discovery method to receive clear, concise answers to your home care routine questions. The guess work is eliminated for you, while saving you hundreds of dollars in products that are just not right for you. With the guidance from our higher selves, intuition, pendulum and skin care dowsing charts we can easily discover what routine is best for you. 

Steps to your virtual Product Discovery Consultation:
1. Complete the Product Discovery Consultation form

2. Attach a photo of your current home products

3. I work independently to collect my findings then put all recommendations in writing for you
Please note: It isn't required to book follow up appointments or purchase products. My findings are based on your higher self's recommendations with only the best intentions and for the highest good of all.

Skin Consultation I Durham Region I Skin Diva Studio

45 mins I $55

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Wood's Lamp Skin Consultation

Book your Complete Skin Consultation today!

Skin Diva Studio offers a complete skin consultation including skin typing, analysing your skins’ condition as well looking beyond the visible layers of your skin.

With the use of a Woods Lamp, I get a clear picture of what your skins' needs are beyond the visible surface of your skin. Diving deeper into the layers of your skin is made possible. A Woods Lamp allows me to determine and get a clear picture of your personal skin's condition, aiding in proper treatment and home care recommendations. You will leave with a clear picture and understanding of your skin and how to treat it. 

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