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Enjoy an intensive burst of hydration with this lightweight leave on treatment that locks in moisture and nutrients while you sleep or anytime you need a boost. High and low molecular weight proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, release nourishment deep into the dermal layer restoring skin’s optimal water supply. An antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Asafetida, Vitamin C and E enhance resilience leaving skin feeling smoother, softer and more supple. 


Skin Type: Mature / Oily / Combination / All skin types




  • After cleansing and exfoliating apply an even layer over face and neck and relax for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse well with warm water and facial sponge. Follow with toner, serum and appropriate protective treatment. Hydra-Burst may also be used as an overnight treatment for a more intensive treatment. Simply apply the same way and leave on overnight.

  • • Hydra-Burst Collagen Mask uses Ultra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - studies indicate low weight HA offers better penetration than larger sized Hyaluronic Acid.

    • Asafetida Extract - The resulting product stops the synthesis of melanin to even skin tone and promote skin lightening. This can also help alleviate the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

    • Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen LMW™ contains collagen oligopeptides (chain of amino acids) from a marine origin. Peptides and amino acids are crucial for the buildup of the collagen fibers, providing skin with optimal hydration and firmness.

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