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This freshening toner invigorates skin by providing moisture that hydrates and revitalizes. Infused with anti-oxidants and nourishing Fruit Oils, this daily use tonic resets to an ideal pH. Skin texture will feel more smooth and supple, even the most moisture deficient skin types will benefit from Vital Mist. 


Skin Type: Dry / Mature / All




  • Following cleansing, pat skin dry and dispense Toner on a gauze or cotton pad and then smooth into face and neck, may spritz directly on skin. Let absorb into skin.

  • •    Sodium PCA is a powerful humectant that holds 7 times its weight in water.  It moisturizes and hydrates by binding water to skin cells. 

    •    Tap water/hard water may contain mineral deposits which make skin feel tight or dry.  This causes the client to believe their skin is drier than it actually is and as a result, they may over moisturize causing the skin to   become congested.

    •    An excellent companion to the Pumpkin Spice Cleanser.

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